Then you should simply downgrade your outfit for the family celebration.

Then you should simply downgrade your outfit for the family celebration.

If you like it a little more dignified, then you will find what you are looking for at long-established names like Crockett and Jones. Timelessly elegant derbies, brogues in all imaginable varieties and snobbish monks are part of the standard repertoire of the manufacture. You are even open to extravagant gimmicks: the two-tone monks in blue and beige are real eye-catchers.

Aristocratic shoes can also be found in the former dual monarchy. The Austrians from Zonkey Boots are experimenting with striped rubbers on their handmade shoes (around 700 euros).

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Budapesters always go

László Vass in Budapest also works according to the old handicraft tradition. Here you can choose the right last for your foot, choose your favorite model and leather. A sole tailored to your needs perfects the work of art of footwear. The prices are around 650 euros for striking Budapest and 1050 euros for high ankle boots. The cult shoemakers at Zeha produce ingenious retro sneakers in Berlin. The narrow Budapest ankle boots convince the man of the world with their slightly faded leather and trendy light-colored soles (for 269 euros). It gets really preppy with the thick soles, as we know them from the 80s. This topic is very much reflected in the British shoe brand Clarks.

Currently you can see in London’s Vicoria and Albert Museum (V.&A) even an exhibition by the traditional shoe manufacturer on the subject "Pleasure and pain" Admire (joy and pain). The largest shoe collection in the world from over four centuries of fashion history is shown. To this end, Clarks, together with the V&A designed a limited design collection available since August 2015.

Comeback for thick soles

So that you also have a firm grip on muddy weather, the high-end shoemaker Arthur Sleep from London produces a line with Goodyear welted soles. Even with the traditionalist, fashionable details are not foregoing: Dandy-like brogues, classic monks and elegant boots are presented with color-accentuated soles and brightly colored leather If you are looking for individuality, you can take advantage of a special bespoke service: for an extra 480 euros, you can embroider your monogram on fine velvet slippers. A mix of patterns and materials make the new shoes real all-rounders. These come into their own with the ankle boots by Schuhmann‘s, which are handmade in Italy: Classic details such as a Budapest lace pattern and rubber inserts from Chelsea boots meet striking light-colored soles with colored highlights. The vegetable-tanned boots (around 300 euros) are extremely versatile: they can be elegantly combined with a suit or relaxed with rolled-up chinos. Incidentally, the Schuhmann‘s manufactory only dyes the leather when the shoe is over the last "tweaked" and of course by hand.

Autumn also shows its noble side: lacquer is trendy. The shiny material comes into its own when it is elegantly polished. Particularly in a high-contrast combination with an equally trendy suede, it shows its full beauty. The best example par excellence are the noble boots with toe and heel made of patent leather from Zonkey Boot. The handmade ankle boots from Vienna cost around 700 euros. They are made from elephant leather and Bavarian calf leather. >>

It goes without saying that the material was vegetable-tanned. This is not only trendy and environmentally friendly, but actually healthier, because leather tanned conventionally with chrome is more likely to cause allergic reactions. In Florence, Mario Bemer stands for the highest level of perfection when it comes to shoes. The traditional company produces fine bespoke shoes according to your wishes using the Bespoke process. All ingredients, from leather to buckles, come from Florence and the surrounding area. If you have less time, you can buy the ready-to-wear collection in a separate shop, such as the elegant Oxfords made of lacquer and velor. Whether in timeless black or daring in an exciting combination of materials, as with uncrowned Florentine shoe king Mario Bemer – you should have a lacquered model on your shelf by the stylish New Year’s party at the latest.

Lacquer even for sporty shoes

The trend material lacquer can even be found in the sports shoes: Porsche Design combines fine calfskin with the cool lacquer on the tip for 375 euros. There is also a trendy, extra high sole with a special insert, so the shoe can be optimally combined with current fashion. Classic details even go right through to sporty sneakers. In the Schuhmanns manufactory, elegant sneakers are made from intricately woven leather based on the Italian model. The special dyeing technique produces a particularly intense color effect. And here too, color-accentuated, high soles are used. Details such as hole patterns from classics such as brogues and Budapesters are borrowed, creating modern hybrids that are almost too good for sport. Floris van Bommel offers a casual mix of fine hole patterns on fine velor, reptile heels and sporty soles for 180 euros. Nature lovers and outdoor fans can now wear their stylish boots more often, because rustic ankle boots are in vogue. Rough outdoor boots like those by Cat, Meindl or Clarks go perfectly with jeans but also with casual tweed trousers. The shoemaker Heinrich Dinkelacker also has comfortable half boots with a padded heel (around 650 euros) and a sole with a profile, in which you can comfortably go on the next tour.

And here again the conclusion for your shopping list: With lacquer details, suede, classic perforated pattern, light and high soles, sporty mixes and outdoor elements, you will be in top fashion this autumn. You can find suggestions in our photo show.

At Christmas, many men are faced with the decision: Do I look good for family and in-laws or wild for the party afterwards? says "Both!" and shows you how to do it.

Styling tricks
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Between coffee and cake with the family and the Christmas party in the club, there is hardly any time for an elaborate makeover. You need an outfit that can do both.

From the good hairstyle to the wild out-of-bed look

Trendy hairstyles such as the pompadour and the quiff can do that: For the family get-together, the longer top hair is combed backwards. Fixed with gel or wax, it can withstand attacks from nieces and nephews. A trendy parting would also go down well with future in-laws. The dandy look gets a glamorous finish thanks to matt glossy gels and waxes. If you want to have a boisterous break with friends in the evening, you only need to put your hand on the hairstyle.

Since there is already gel or wax in the hair, you can use it to create a cool out-of-bed look. Just mess your hair up a bit and the new hairstyle is in place.

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Men with very short hair can create a cheeky spiky hair look from the ends of their hair that were just well laid out. The short tips stand up boldly.

An upgrade for the outfit

So, the hairstyle is right. But there was still the outfit. You definitely can’t go wrong with a suit with timeless gray or elegant black. But the combination makes the difference. A fine suit made of supple velvet leaves a lasting impression on everyone. For family celebrations, chic velvet trousers in cool black with a classy shirt do the trick. A black shirt with matching dark accessories also fits for the brilliant party.

Or is there a fine gala dinner after the family reunion? Then you should simply downgrade your outfit for the family celebration. The elegant tuxedo is already hanging in the closet, so put on your trousers. The possibly too elegant tuxedo shirt with its filigree pleats can simply be hidden under a fluffy cashmere sweater with turtleneck. Is it too warm for you or just too uncool? How about a rocking leather jacket. Such a cult jacket provides an excellent material contrast. The biker jacket brings a skilful break in style to the outfit with fine tuxedo trousers. Those who prefer to wear a relaxed preppy look should choose a trendy suede blouson.

Glamorous accessories

Last but not least, there are always accessories that give every outfit that certain something and turn the tide in stylish emergencies. A voluminous scarf or a trendy poncho make your elegant outfit appear more casual, as do rock leather bracelets. In contrast, a glittery bow tie, a hand-rolled pocket square or a custom-made hat pimp any simple suit. Sparkling cufflinks or an exquisite wristwatch exude a luxurious aura. As you can see, with a little planning in advance, the party marathon becomes absolute styling fun. You can also find our styling tricks in our photo show.

Whether it’s a suit, pants or sweater: Must-haves in men’s fashion 2015 are undoubtedly pieces in the trend color blue. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a bright royal blue. The designers also have withdrawn color variants in their range.

You need these items of clothing in your closet
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On the positive side: the trend color blue

Armani, Dior, Tom Ford and Co .: For their collections of men’s fashion in 2015, practically all the major fashion houses turned blue. The designers apparently want to see splashes of blue in gray inner cities even in the cold winter months. Although the trend color blue is also associated with coolness, it can also be associated with warm, positive qualities such as trust and friendliness.

Men’s fashion 2015: the main thing is blue

How much blue you wear this winter and in what color gradation is almost entirely up to you. The designers cover the entire blue spectrum and have dipped every imaginable piece into the paint bucket. On one side of the scale is, for example, Tom Ford, who created a silk suit made of bright blue. With the right tie and a blue checked shirt, you get the all-over look, i.e. a completely blue outfit.

Alternatively, you can add individual blue highlights, as Pringle of Scotland demonstrated with their 2015 collection for men – with a bright, royal blue scarf with a gray suit.

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More subtle looks

If you like it more subtle, you can do the same for Calvin Klein and add light blue parts to your winter outfit. Another option for lovers of understatement who do not want to do without the trend color blue are jackets or sports jackets in pigeon blue, as Topman Design has in its range this year.

When it comes to classy bespoke suits, English and Italian tailors get the most attention. There is a strong tradition of bespoke tailoring in Germany. has compiled the best addresses for fine craftsmanship in Europe for you.

Photo series with 15 pictures

If you ask experts who have studied the history of the tailoring trade, you will find out that Germany has produced what is probably the most progressive and most sophisticated tailoring system.