S., primary school teacher, Mykolayiv school number 17.

S., primary school teacher, Mykolayiv school number 17.

Annotation: Lesson plan-summary in the form of an oral journal in the 4th grade on the subject “I and Ukraine” (civic education) on the indicated topic, which is appropriate on the eve of the celebration of Easter.

Title: Addition and subtraction of addition and subtraction examples. Problems for finding the amount. Measuring the length of the bucketzkiv.

Author: Savchuk L. Ya., Primary school teacher, Novovolynsk school No. 7 Volyn region.

Annotation: Lesson plan-summary in the 1st grade according to the current curriculum of the secondary school in the form of a virtual journey, with the use of multilevel and game tasks that contribute to the emotional coloring of the content of education.

Title: Properties of vapors, liquids, solids. (Russian language)

Author: Borovik NM, senior teacher of physics, Alchevsk professional trade and culinary lyceum of Luhansk region.

Abstract: The plan-summary of the lesson-test in the form of a conference on the indicated topic. Aims to test the level of mastery of basic concepts and the ability to apply them, as well as to promote cooperation between students.

Title: Exercises to determine the gender and number of adjectives by appropriate nouns. Use of adjectives in speech.

Author: Kolotylo NA, primary school teacher, Starokostiantynivska gymnasium of Khmelnytsky region.

Abstract: The lesson plan-summary in the 3rd grade on the indicated topic aims, in addition to didactic, to teach students to express their thoughts and develop creative abilities in younger students.

Title: Consolidation of spelling skills of proper and common nouns.

Author: Krasko SI, primary school teacher, Novovolynsk school No. 7 Volyn region.

Abstract: The Ukrainian language lesson in the 3rd grade is designed in the form of a journey through the streets of my hometown. Interactive teaching methods are used to improve the spelling skills of proper buy a comparison essay online now and common nouns.

Title: Sounds [f], [f´]. Denoting them by the letters “F” “f” (ef).

Author: Levchuk L. Ya., Primary school teacher, Novovolynsk school No. 7 Volyn region.

Abstract: Development of a lesson with elements of interactive techniques, learning in which is carried out through the implementation of phonetic exercises, the organization of speech activities of students, the use of game forms of work.

Title: Chemical properties of bases.

Author: Lenska NA, chemistry teacher, Kyiv gymnasium No. 179.

Abstract: Development of a lesson to expand and deepen students’ knowledge. Aims to control knowledge, develop logical thinking and creative abilities of students, to cultivate endurance, willpower, ability to cooperate.

Title: Modeling on the theme “Amazing lambs, grasshoppers and birds.”

Author: Polovets DS, primary school teacher, Uman school No. 5 them. VI Chuikov, Cherkasy region

Abstract: Development of a lesson of fine arts in the 3rd grade. Aims to deepen the concept of the variety of forms and proportional features of the structure of animals and birds; to improve skills of work with plasticine, ability to transfer the form and plasticity on the basis of viewing of works of decorative and applied art; to develop a sense of harmony in the process of preliminary processing of real forms into decorative ones.

Title: Square roots. Transformation of irrational expressions.

Author: Rusetska TV, teacher of mathematics, Smilyanska school No. 11 Cherkasy region.

Abstract: The script of a multimedia lesson of generalization and systematization of educational information on algebra in 8th grade. Aims to develop logical thinking, memory, culture of mathematical records, cognitive interest in the history of mathematics, the ability to use multimedia tools; to cultivate diligence and a positive attitude of students to learning.

Title: Proteins, the complexity of their structure. Dissolution and denaturation of proteins.

Author: Skoropadska SO, teacher of chemistry and valeology of the Kyiv regional boarding school of physical culture and sports.

Abstract: The lesson outline aims to expand students’ understanding of the diversity of organic matter on the example of proteins as natural polymers; develop the ability to perform a chemical experiment and analyze the data obtained; learn to compose reactions for the synthesis of the primary structure of proteins. In the applications – multimedia “Chemical mosaic”.

Title: IA Krylov “Cuckoo and Rooster”. (Russian language.)

Author: Spirke OA, primary school teacher, Donetsk school No. 97.

Annotation: The plan-summary of the reading lesson in the 3rd grade aims to acquaint students with the work of I. Krylov, to develop the language, to teach to analyze, generalize and draw conclusions, to form the ability to cooperate in pairs.

Title: The sun is a source of light and heat. Shadow.

Author: Stasiuk OS, primary school teacher, Mykolayiv school No. 17.

Annotation: Lesson plan-summary of the lesson “Me and Ukraine” in the 2nd grade with the use of music-therapeutic technology “SongSnow” and technologies for the development of critical thinking: “Microphone” “Associative bush” “I know, I want to know, learned “, etc. The lesson forms the ability of students to observe objects of nature through the development of imagination, logical thinking.

Title: What is man on earth? Dr. Faust’s spiritual quest in Goethe’s tragedy.

Author: Shcholok GV, teacher of foreign literature, Barvinkivska gymnasium No. 1 Kharkiv region.

Abstract: Plan-summary of a lesson-reflection on foreign literature in the 9th grade using interactive forms of learning. Aims to reveal Goethe’s understanding of the problem of the meaning of existence as a relentless search; to develop skills of group work, the ability to analyze and compare literary images, the ability to solve problems, dialogue and discussion, to develop communicative competence of students.

Title: Educating students in a lasting interest in physical education, the need for a healthy lifestyle.

Author: Gorpynich VM, physical education teacher, Novovolynsk school No. 7 Volyn region.

Abstract: The teacher shares the gains of his own experience on this issue, introducing innovative forms and methods of work and systems of rhythmic gymnastics.

Title: Change of nouns by cases. (Russian language.)

Author: Dziuba LP, primary school teacher, Kupyansk school No. 11, Kharkiv region.

Abstract: The author presents a mini-textbook on the Russian language for 4th grade students. In the appendix – scenarios of modular classes to the textbook on the declared topic.

Title: Life and career of Alexander Dovzhenko.

Author: Dubova AV, teacher of Ukrainian language and literature, Donetsk school No. 89.

Abstract: Lesson plan-summary of learning new material on Ukrainian literature in 11th grade. The purpose of the lesson is to get acquainted with the life and work of a prominent Ukrainian artist.

Title: Riddles as a means of developing logical thinking.

Author: Ishchuk NO, primary school teacher, Shepetivka NVK G2 Khmelnytsky region.

Abstract: The author talks about her own experience of using puzzles in the educational process. In her opinion, this is a reliable way to develop students’ logical thinking.

Title: Solution of quadratic equations. (Russian language)

Author: Klimenkova TM, teacher of mathematics, Krasnodon school No. 2 Luhansk region.

Abstract: The script of the final lesson on the presented topic. The objectives of the lesson are: didactic – to systematize, generalize and expand the knowledge and skills of students, to promote the formation of mathematical knowledge on the topic; developing – the development of creative abilities of students by solving problems in different ways; educational – to bring up intuition and tidiness.

Title: Adverb: general meaning, morphological features, syntactic role.

Author: Lototska OV, Deputy Director of NVR, Skadovsk School No. 3 Kherson region.

Annotation: Development of a lesson of mastering new knowledge, skills and abilities in the Ukrainian language in 7th grade on the presented topic. The objectives of the lesson are as follows: to deepen students’ knowledge of the adverb as an independent invariable part of speech, its morphological features, syntactic role; to form skills of research activity; to develop students’ oral coherent speech, attention, imagination, creative abilities; to cultivate humanity, kindness, a sense of beauty, love for the native language.

Title: The role of basketball in physical education classes at school.

Author: Perevoznik VI, physical education teacher, Novovolynsk school No. 7 Volyn region.

Abstract: The teacher shares his / her own experience in educating students in a lasting interest in physical culture through regular basketball lessons at school.

Title: Where did the ball come from.

Author: Baida AS, teacher of physical culture in primary school, Novovolynsk school No. 7 Volyn region.

Abstract: In the development of a cognitive game-competition, it is proposed to hold a sports holiday for 1st grade students. The purpose of this form of motor activity is to get acquainted with the history of the ball and the development of physical qualities of students.

Title: Intellectual games in the Ukrainian language lesson using a computer.


Beseda LI, teacher of Ukrainian language and literature, Donetsk school No. 85; Shudruk NM, teacher of computer science, Donetsk school No. 85.

Annotation: The plan-summary of the binary lesson (Ukrainian language with computer science) in the 8th grade aims to consolidate the studied spellings, phraseologies, one-syllable sentences; encourage students to learn Ukrainian using computer capabilities.

Title: Life and scientific activity of DI Mendeleev.

Author: Levadna VO, Deputy Director of NVR, chemistry teacher, Voznesenskaya school, Melitopol district, Zaporizhia region.

Abstract: Educational and methodical complex for the project lesson in chemistry, which aims to acquaint students in more detail with the life and scientific activity of D. Mendeleev; to develop the ability of research work and the ability to analyze and summarize the research material.

Title: Differentiation of education.

Author: Adamovich OV, primary school teacher, Zaporizhia NVK “Eureka”.

Abstract: The author at the theoretical level highlights the problem of modern vision of differentiation of learning, discusses the strengths and weaknesses of the division of students into groups, both in terms of complexity of learning material and the level of their independence.

Title: Ecosystems of the world.


Volosevych IO, English teacher; Myrhorodska LM, biology teacher, Telmanivskyi NVK, Donetsk region

Abstract: Plan-summary of an integrated lesson in English and biology in the 11th grade of natural sciences.